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About Chipotle Menu Prices

Hello, People! If you want to know about The Chipotle Menu Prices then you can take help from our website. Here we have described hours, Near Me Locations and customer service number, that would help you to save your time and fuel, you don’t require to go yourself to that location to know about Chipotle Menu List with a price.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. is an American chain of fast casual restaurants in the USA, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom,  and France, specializing in tacos and Mission-style burritos. It was established in1993; 24 years ago, and its founder name is Steve Ells.

You should know that Chipotle Fast food restaurant gives catering services for the customers. They serve tasty, high-quality food: burritos, chips, spreads, and salsa. Also, it can deliver food to your house.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill Hours

Chipotle Mexican Grill Hours

DAYS What Time Does Chipotle Open? What Time Does Chipotle Close?
Monday 10:45 AM 10:00 AM
Tuesday 10:45 AM 10:00 AM
Wednesday 10:45 AM 10:00 AM
Thursday 10:45 AM 10:00 AM
Friday 10:45 AM 10:00 AM
Saturday 10:45 AM 10:00 AM
Sunday 10:45 AM 10:00 AM

Chipotle Mexican Grill Menu List With Price

Chipotle Mexican Grill Menu List With Price

Burrito, Bowl, Tacos & Salad
Burrito (Chicken) $6.50
Burrito (Steak) $7.50
Burrito (Carnitas) $6.95
Burrito (Barbacoa) $7.50
Burrito (Sofritas) $6.50
Burrito (Vegetarian) $6.50
Bowl (Chicken) $6.50
Bowl (Steak) $7.50
Bowl (Carnitas) $6.95
Bowl (Barbacoa) $7.50
Bowl (Sofritas) $6.50
Bowl (Vegetarian) $6.50
Taco (Chicken) – 1 Pc. $2.40
Tacos (Chicken) – 3 Pc. $6.50
Taco (Steak) – 1 Pc. $2.75
Tacos (Steak) – 3 Pc. $7.50
Taco (Carnitas) – 1 Pc. $2.55
Tacos (Carnitas) – 3 Pc. $6.95
Taco (Barbacoa) – 1 Pc. $2.75
Tacos (Barbacoa) – 3 Pc. $7.50
Taco (Sofritas) – 1 Pc. $2.40
Tacos (Sofritas) – 3 Pc. $6.50
Taco (Vegetarian) – 1 Pc. $2.40
Tacos (Vegetarian) -3 Pc.  $6.50
Salad (Chicken) $6.50
Salad (Steak) $7.50
Salad (Carnitas) $6.95
Salad (Barbacoa) $7.50
Salad (Sofritas) $6.50
Salad (Vegetarian) $6.50
Kid’s Menu Meal Includes Fruit or Kid’s Chips & a Drink
Build Your Own $4.75
Cheese Quesadilla (No Meat) $3.75
Cheese Quesadilla (with Meat or Guacamole) $4.25
Chips & Guacamole $3.25
Chips & Salsa $1.95
Guacamole $1.95
Chips $1.30
Patron Margarita $7.15
Sauza Margarita $4.70
Beer Regular $3.65
Beer Large  $4.15
Bottled Water $2.25
Bottled Drink $2.60
Soda Regular $1.80
Soda Large $2.10
Kid’s Drink Regular $1.65

NOTE: Chipotle Restaurant Menu Item list will be changed according to a restaurant owner, so you can please refer the official website of Chipotles Restaurant.

Chipotle Customer Service Number and Address

Chipotle Customer Service Number and Address

Phone Number: 303-595-4000 (CORPORATE OFFICES)

More info on 303-595-4000: 16 mins average wait
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm EST

Official Website:

Chipotle Near Me Locations

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