How to Flirt with a Girl over Text Chat and by Webcam

Learning how to flirt with a girl can be a scary and intimidating process for many guys. This fear can be especially heightened after a guy has been rejected a couple of times which is bound to happen and just a part of the learning process. Additionally, how to flirt with a girl over text can sometimes feel different than how to flirt with a girl on chat or face to face. But don’t worry guys, with a few helpful tips and pointers flirting with a girl can become a successful feat more often than not and certainly an eventful learning experience every time.

Tip no. 1: Stand-Out

It’s no secret that every girl likes guys that are confident but not arrogant. Being a confident guy doesn’t mean having to be 6-feet tall and stacked with muscle. Being confident can come from any aspect of individuality that makes a guy comfortable in their own skin and proud of who they are.


Individuality can come from anything, the way you dress, the way you speak, the way you cut your hair, it doesn’t matter as long as you feel comfortable and confident with yourself. The stronger person you become internally, the stronger the girl you’ll attract because the bottom line is that confidence is attractive and so is being unique.

Tip no. 2: Know Your Subject

Whether you have spoken with the girl before or she is a complete stranger seen out and about or even just an image for now on a phone or computer screen it’s important to look for something about her to use as an icebreaker.

A girl may get hit on or approached countless times from guys just saying “hey” or “you’re cute” which usually isn’t enough to get her attention. Look for something that makes her stand out shows her that you are interested in something other than her looks. Ask her about the background in that selfie of hers that caught your eye, maybe she’s in an interesting environment or has on an interesting article of clothing. Use her uniqueness as a strength because after all the girl is trying to be unique for the purpose of expressing herself.

Tip no. 3: Let Your Eyes Make the First Move

Making the first move does not have to be something drastic nor should it ever be. Getting girls to notice you is as simple as just making eye contact. Whether from afar or up close, eye contact is an extremely powerful tool in capturing someone’s attention. Eye contact has been scientifically proven to release the neurotransmitter oxytocin which is considered the “love hormone” and assists with making meaningful connections with others and great to flirt with.

Whether approaching her to flirt for the first time or trying to carry out a conversation always keep your eyes locked onto hers as much as possible. Make sure to smile and hold good posture as this exemplifies a welcoming body language.

Tip no. 4: Carry Yourself Well

Women are instinctively attracted to men who carry themselves with a high level of both trustworthiness and ability. It’s no secret that a girl is more likely to flirt with a guy she can feel is trusting and safe to be around. It’s important to always be honest with your words and actions not just towards her but towards everyone you interact with which she can observe in some way or another.

Demonstrating yourself to be an able and capable person doesn’t mean you have to be a superhero, rockstar, or elite athlete. Merely showing that you are passionate about something or good at something is enough to spark that extra interest in you and it makes you look and feel more confident towards her which makes a good flirt more natural and free-flowing.

Whether you want to know how to Flirt with a girl by text or face to face, follow these four tips and success will soon follow. Show her that it’s easy for her to feel comfortable around you, try to make her laugh and smile be the best version of yourself that you can be, and flirt, flirt, flirt away.